From Proto-Vietic *ɓǝh, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *ɓ(ə)h ~ *ɓah (to open); cognates include Muong bớ, Western Katu /pəːh/ and possibly Bahnar pơih.



mở (𨸈, 𢲫, , , 𨷑, 𩦓, 𢱒, )

  1. (transitive, intransitive) to open, be open (a door, lid, path, source code)
    mở cửa phòngto open the door to a room
    mở nắp hộpto open the lid of a jar (box)
    phần mềm nguồn mởopen source software
    Antonym: đóng
  2. (transitive) to unfold, expand, open up
    Mở tờ báo ra xem.Open the newspaper and you'll see.
    mởto open a wallet (purse)
    Cánh đồng mở ra bao la.The field is expansive.
    Synonym: mở rộng
    Antonyms: gấp, đóng, thu
  3. (transitive) to turn on, start up (a computer, light, fan)
    mở đài nghe turn on the news (on the television)
    mở quạt điệnto turn on an electric fan
    mở máyto turn on a machine
    Synonyms: bật, khởi động
    Antonym: tắt
  4. (transitive) to open for business
    mở xưởng dệtto open a clothing factory
    Synonym: khai trương
  5. (transitive) to launch, inaugurate (an investigation, conference, military campaign)
    Synonym: bắt đầu
    Antonym: kết thúc
  6. (transitive) to mark the beginning of (an era, situation)
    Synonym: bắt đầu
    Antonym: kết thúc

Derived termsEdit