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Hungarian edit


Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈmɒrok]
  • Hyphenation: ma‧rok
  • Rhymes: -ok

Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Ugric *mᴕrɜ (hollow of the hand, palm of the hand) + -k (nominal suffix).[1][2]

Noun edit

marok (usually uncountable, plural markok)

  1. (anatomy) hollow of the hand/palm
  2. (figuratively) grip, hand (as the symbol of power, used in phrases with its inflected forms)
    a markában tartto have someone under one's thumb
  3. (folksy) bundle (a fistful of wheat when harvesting with sickles or scythes; the bundles are tied into sheaves using straw)
Declension edit
Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative marok markok
accusative markot markokat
dative maroknak markoknak
instrumental marokkal markokkal
causal-final marokért markokért
translative marokká markokká
terminative marokig markokig
essive-formal marokként markokként
inessive marokban markokban
superessive markon markokon
adessive maroknál markoknál
illative marokba markokba
sublative marokra markokra
allative marokhoz markokhoz
elative marokból markokból
delative marokról markokról
ablative maroktól markoktól
possessive - singular
maroké markoké
possessive - plural
marokéi markokéi
Possessive forms of marok
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. markom markaim
2nd person sing. markod markaid
3rd person sing. marka markai
1st person plural markunk markaink
2nd person plural markotok markaitok
3rd person plural markuk markaik
Derived terms edit
Compound words

Etymology 2 edit

mar +‎ -ok (personal suffix)

Verb edit


  1. first-person singular indicative present indefinite of mar

References edit

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Further reading edit

  • marok in Bárczi, Géza and László Országh. A magyar nyelv értelmező szótára (‘The Explanatory Dictionary of the Hungarian Language’, abbr.: ÉrtSz.). Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1959–1962. Fifth ed., 1992: →ISBN