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15th century (margẽe). From Old Portuguese, from Latin marginem, accusative of margo (edge, brink, border, margin), from Proto-Indo-European *merǵ-. Cognate with Portuguese margem and Spanish margen.



marxe f (plural marxes)

  1. bank, terrain on the side of a river or a road
    Synonyms: beira, orela, ribeira
  2. strip of uncultivated land in the outer limits of a terrain
    • 1409, Tomé Pensado, José Luis (ed.), Tratado de Albeitaria. Santiago de Compostela: Centro Ramón Piñeiro, page 67:
      Et pois ueer tenpo frio deuenno cauallgar et fazerlle trotar porllas margẽes et porllas aradas mansamente pella mañaa
      And after the cold weather |come, they should ride the colt and make him trot by the margins and by the ploughed fields gently in the morning
    Synonyms: arró, cómaro
  3. margin (edge of paper which remains blank)
    Synonyms: beira, bordo
  4. margin (permissible difference)
  5. (archaic) unit of measure of surface
    Synonym: marxa

Derived termsEdit


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