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  1. Of or occurring in the morning.
    • 1847, William Hamilton Maxwell, Hill-side and Border Sketches: With Legends of the Cheviots:
      With these slight assistants to support nature, and a Dolland's achromatic in his hands β€” by the way, a camp-stool or air-cushion is indispensable β€” there will he patiently keep watch for β€œThe antler'd monarch of the waste,” from the matitudinal meal even unto the dinner hour.
    • 2004, Harold W. Attridge, Psalms in Community: Jewish and Christian Textual, Liturgical, and Artistic Traditions:
      Concluded by a matitudinal hymn composed of psalm fragments, twelve of the collection's fourteen songs are excerpts from poetic Scriptures, and the second and third of these are the Rock psalms, Deut 32 and 1 Sam 2.

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