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From Old High German mēro from Proto-Germanic *maizô, from Proto-Indo-European *mē- (many). See English more for more.




  1. something more
    sich für mehr halten
    to think one is something more
    Mehr will er nicht bezahlen.
    He doesn't want to pay more.
    Er sieht mehr als ich.
    He sees more than I see.

Usage notesEdit

  • This pronoun could be considered a comparative of the pronoun viel although comparison isn't usually a feature of pronouns.



  1. comparative degree of viel; more
    Antonym: weniger
    Willst du mehr Essen?
    Do you want more food?
    mit mehr oder weniger Erfolg
    with a greater or lesser degree of success
    Ich habe mehr Haare als du.
    I have more hair than you.
    Ich habe mehr Haare als du.
    I have more hair than you.
    zwei Kilo mehr
    two more kilos

Usage notesEdit

  • This word is never declined and cannot be used with articles but it's possible to use a declinable word mehrere for plural.
  • Sometimes, the determiner is put after the word it describes.




  1. more
    immer mehrmore and more
  2. (with negation) no longer, never again, nothing more, not anymore
    Er ist kein Kind mehr
    He is no longer a child.
    Ich mag dich nicht mehr.
    I don't like you anymore.
    nicht mehr langenot much longer
    nichts mehrnothing more, nothing left
    nie mehrnever again

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