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Alternative formsEdit


monarcho- +‎ fascism


monarcho-fascism (uncountable)

  1. A political system in which a monarchy wields totalitarian control, represses criticism or opposition, and strictly controls business.
    • 1992, Haris Vlavianos, Greece, 1941–49: From Resistance to Civil War, →ISBN:
      Yet the leadership of the Greek Communist Party adopted the standpoint that the people was to be disarmed and its weapons handed to the monarcho-fascist reactionaries, making the excuse that monarcho-fascism would not be for a peaceful democratic development, and hence the people's liberation movement would be compelled to settle the question of power the revolutionary way.
    • 2013, George Kassimeris, Inside Greek Terrorism, →ISBN:
      In the village, I saw the full consequences of monarcho-fascism upon proud, decent people who fought for freedom and national independence.
    • 2014, Antonio Costa Pinto, ‎Roger Eatwell, ‎& Stein Ugelvik Larsen, Charisma and Fascism, →ISBN:
      Finally, he cites a set of corporatist regimes, such as King Carol's monarcho-fascism in Romania from 1938, followed by General Antonescu's military fascism from1940-44, as well as the French Vichy regime.