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Etymology 1Edit

Borrowed from French morille (compare Picard merouille, meroule (morel, mushroom)), from Frankish *morhila (mushroom), diminutive of *morha (root), from Proto-Germanic *murhǭ, *murhijǭ (carrot), from Proto-Indo-European *mork- (tuber, edible herb). Akin to Old High German morhilo, morhela (mushroom) (German Morchel (mushroom)), diminutive of Old High German morha, moraha (tree-root, plant root) (German Möhre (carrot)). More at more.

Alternative formsEdit



morel (plural morels)

  1. Any of several edible mushrooms, especially the common morel or yellow morel.
  2. (mycology) Any of several fungi in the genus Morchella, the upper part of which is covered with a reticulated and pitted hymenium.
Derived termsEdit
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Etymology 2Edit


morel (plural morels)

  1. Archaic form of morello (type of cherry).
    • 1821, Thomas Nuttall, A journal of travels into the Arkansa Territory (page 122)
      The insects which injure the morel cherry-trees so much in Pennsylvania, I perceive, here occasionally act in the same way upon the branches of the wild cherry []