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Etymology edit

Antonym and prefixal form of dal (to exit, go out) (n- +‎ dal), from Proto-Albanian *en-dala.[3] See dal for more.

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Pronunciation edit

Verb edit

ndal (aorist ndala, participle ndalur) (active voice)

  1. (active voice, transitive) to stop, hold up
    Stop! ~ Hold up!
  2. (active voice, transitive, colloquial) to keep something, someone

Conjugation edit

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Verb edit

ndálem (aorist u ndala, participle ndalur) (passive voice)

  1. (passive voice) to quit with something; to give up something
    Mos u ndal!
    Don't quit! (~ Keep going!)
  2. (passive voice, reflexive, figurative) to focus on
  3. (passive voice, third person) to stop moving / working; to interrupt
  4. (passive voice) to stick to something; to be unstoppable / can't stop

Derived terms edit

Further reading edit

  • [1] active verb ndal (aorist ndala; participle ndalur) • Fjalor Shqip (Albanian Dictionary)
  • [2] passive verb ndalem (ndálem) (aorist u ndala; participle ndalur) • Fjalor Shqip (Albanian Dictionary)

References edit

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