From negluds ‎(rough, unpolished) +‎ -ums (with negluds from ne- +‎ gluds ‎(smooth)).


negludums m (1st declension)

  1. (usually in the singular) roughness (the quality of that which is rough, not smooth)
    ceļa negludums — the roughness of the road
    finiera plāksnes negludums — the roughness of the veneer plate
  2. rough, unpolished spot, imperfection (on something; metaphorically, also in a written text, in language, style, etc.)
    dēļa negludumi — the rough spots of the board
    zem riteņiem tieši pagadījās negludums, mašīna palēcās un arī pasažierus pameta uz augšu — right under the wheels there happened to be a rough spot, the car jumped and threw the passengers up
    viņš man parāda vairākus trūkumus manuskriptā, paskaidro sintakses negludumus — he showed me more defects in the manuscript, he explained the rough spots, mistakes of syntax
  3. (usually plural; of life, work, etc.) difficulties, hardships, problems, failures
    sadzīves negludumi — the difficulties of living together




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