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From ass (sharp) +‎ -ums.





  1. sharpness (the quality of that which is sharp, or pointed)
    cirvja asumsthe sharpness of an ax
    akmens šķautnes asumsthe sharpness of the stone edge
    durkļa asumsthe sharpness of a bayonet
    lūk, tur jau mirdzēja apaļā zāģa asmens; viņš pārbaudīja ar pirkstu zobu asumusee, there the circular saw blade was shining; he checked with (his) finger the (saw) tooth sharpness
  2. sharpness (the quality of features that are sharp, angular, not rounded)
    vaibstu asumsthe sharpness of (facial) features
  3. sharpness (the quality of plants which have little thorns, or a sharp edge)
    nātres asumsthe sharpness of nettles
  4. coarseness, roughness (the quality of skin, fabric, etc. which is coarse, rough)
    ādas asumsthe roughness, coarseness of the skin
  5. sharpness, spiciness, pungency
    smaržas asumsthe pungency of the smell
    vēja asumsthe sharpness of the wind
    sāpju asumsthe sharpness of the pain
  6. sharpness (the quality of voices, words, texts, etc. which are sharp, biting, unsparing, fierce)
    balss asumsthe sharpness of the voice
    satīras asumsthe sharpness of the satire
  7. sharpness (the quality of lines, drawings, features, etc. which are sharp, well-defined, clearly marked)
    zīmējuma kontūru asumsthe sharpness of the drawing contour
    fotoattēla asumsphoto sharpness
  8. (of problems, questions) sharpness, clarity, importance
    Daugavmalā cīņa iedegās ar pieaugošu asumuthe fight on the banks of the Daugava (river) came on with increasing sharpness
  9. (of senses, thoughts) sharpness, acuity
    dzirdes, redzes asumssharpness of hearing, of vision
    prāta ' asumssharpness of mind
  10. (usually in the plural) pointed, sharp spines, growths, protuberances
    usnei ir tādi asumi, kas duras rokāthistle has such sharp spines that it (can) pierce the hand
  11. (figuratively) sharp words, phrases
    runāt bez asumiemto speak without sharp words
    izvairīties no liekiem asumiemto avoid unnecessary roughness