See also: ngai, Ngai, ngáí, ngãi, and ngại

Vietnamese edit

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Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Vietic *ŋaːj, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *[m]ŋaaj (human being; person). Cognate with Muong ngài.

Noun edit

ngài (𠊚, 𠊛, 𠏥)

  1. (North Central Vietnam) human
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Pronoun edit

ngài (𠊚, 𠊛,𠊎,𠏥)

  1. (highly formal, respectful) you
  2. (highly formal, respectful) he, him
  3. (highly formal, respectful, rare) she, her
Usage notes edit
  • In modern Vietnamese, only reserved for those that are deemed to be of utmost importance (i.e. head of corporations, royalties or heads of state).
  • The term can, but rarely, be applied to female figures in 3rd person.

Etymology 2 edit

From Old Chinese (OC *ŋˤaj) (B-S) (SV: nga).

Noun edit

(classifier con) ngài (𧍋)

  1. moth
    Synonym: bướm đêm

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