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From Latin nīdificō (build a nest), from nīdus (nest) + faciō (make, do).



nidify (third-person singular simple present nidifies, present participle nidifying, simple past and past participle nidified)

  1. (zoology) To make a nest.
    • 1854, Albany Hancock, "Observations on the Nidification of Gasterosteus aculeatus and Gasterosteus spinachia", The Zoologist 12: 4409
      It is only within the last few years that naturalists have clearly determined that some species of fish make nests for the reception of their spawn [] Five or six kinds are now ascertained to nidify; and of these, two belong to the genus Gasterosteus []
    • 1997, Gert-Jan van Dijk, Ainoi, Logoi, Mythoi: Fables in Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greek Culture, page 206
      [] it may originally have explained why dung beetles do not appear when eagles nidify; []