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    Cardinal: ninety
    Ordinal: ninetieth
    Adverbial: ninety times
    Multiplier: ninetyfold

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From Middle English nynty, nynety, from Old English hundniġontiġ, from Proto-Germanic *newuntēhundą (ninety), equivalent to nine +‎ -ty. Cognate with Scots nynty, nynety (ninety), Saterland Frisian njuugentich (ninety), West Frisian njoggentich (ninety), Dutch negentig (ninety), German Low German negentig (ninety), German neunzig (ninety), Swedish nittio (ninety), Norwegian Bokmål nitti (ninety), Norwegian Nynorsk nitti (ninety), Icelandic níutíu (ninety).

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  1. The cardinal number occurring after eighty-nine and before ninety-one, represented in Roman numerals as XC and in Arabic numerals as 90.

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