Italian nonetto, from nono (ninth).


English numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: nine
    Ordinal: ninth
    Latinate ordinal: nonary
    Adverbial: nine times
    Multiplier: ninefold
    Latinate multiplier: nonuple
    Collective: ninesome
    Greek or Latinate collective: ennead, nonad
    Greek collective prefix: ennea-
    Latinate collective prefix: nona-
    Multiuse collective: nonuplet
    Fractional: ninth
    Greek prefix: enato-
    Number of musicians: nonet


nonet (plural nonets)

  1. (music) A composition for nine instruments or nine voices.
    • 1955 January 15, The Saturday Review, Recordings Reports: Jazz On LPs, page 38:
      The small-group sides are the best, with the nonet in particular coming through as a sparkling unit that deserves an LP to itself.
  2. (physics) A group of nine nuclear or subatomic particles.
    Hypernym: multiplet
  3. (computing) A byte of nine bits.
    • 2005, Mark R. Crispin, RFC 4042: UTF-9 and UTF-18
      The 9-bit nonet is a much more sensible representation.