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Hungarian Edit

Etymology Edit

orr (nose) +‎ (adjective-forming suffix)

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈorːuː]
  • Hyphenation: or‧rú
  • Rhymes: -ruː

Adjective Edit

orrú (not comparable)

  1. -nosed, with a …… nose (having a specific kind of nose)
    Rudolf a piros orrú rénszarvasRudolph the red-nosed reindeer
    pisze orrú kisfiúsnub-nosed little boy
    horgas orrú férfibeak-nosed man
  2. -toed, with a …… toe or toes
    szögletes orrú bakancssquare-toed boots
    hegyes orrú cipőpointed shoes, shoes with pointed toes

Declension Edit

Inflection (stem in -a-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative orrú orrúak
accusative orrút orrúakat
dative orrúnak orrúaknak
instrumental orrúval orrúakkal
causal-final orrúért orrúakért
translative orrúvá orrúakká
terminative orrúig orrúakig
essive-formal orrúként orrúakként
inessive orrúban orrúakban
superessive orrún orrúakon
adessive orrúnál orrúaknál
illative orrúba orrúakba
sublative orrúra orrúakra
allative orrúhoz orrúakhoz
elative orrúból orrúakból
delative orrúról orrúakról
ablative orrútól orrúaktól
possessive - singular
orrúé orrúaké
possessive - plural
orrúéi orrúakéi

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