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perfectus (plural perfecti)

  1. (historical, Christianity) Synonym of perfect (leader of the Cathar movement)



From Proto-Italic *perifaktos, perfect passive participle of perficiō (carry out, finish; perfect; cause).


perfectus (feminine perfecta, neuter perfectum, comparative perfectior, superlative perfectissimus); first/second-declension participle

  1. achieved, executed, carried out, finished, completed, having been finished or completed; complete
    Synonyms: absolutus, complētus, factus, dēfūnctus, effectus
    Antonyms: incohatus, infectus, imperfectus
  2. perfected, having been perfected; perfect, excellent, exquisite
  3. brought about, caused, having been brought about or caused
  4. (grammar) perfect


First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative perfectus perfecta perfectum perfectī perfectae perfecta
Genitive perfectī perfectae perfectī perfectōrum perfectārum perfectōrum
Dative perfectō perfectō perfectīs
Accusative perfectum perfectam perfectum perfectōs perfectās perfecta
Ablative perfectō perfectā perfectō perfectīs
Vocative perfecte perfecta perfectum perfectī perfectae perfecta



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    • absolutely perfect: absolutus et perfectus
    • an ideal: undique expleta et perfecta forma
    • to sketch the ideal of an orator: imaginem perfecti oratoris adumbrare
    • Plato's ideal republic: civitas optima, perfecta Platonis
    • a man of profound erudition: vir perfecte planeque eruditus
    • a work of art: artis opus; opus arte factum or perfectum
    • to live a perfect life: virtutis perfectae perfecto munere fungi (Tusc. 1. 45. 109)

Old FrenchEdit


Borrowed from Latin perfectus.


perfectus m

  1. perfect (faultless, etc.)
    • circa 980, La Vie de Saint Léger
      Perfectus fud in caritet
      He was perfect in terms of charity

Usage notesEdit

  • The Vie de Saint Léger citation above is the only known recorded usage.