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Genericization of the trademark Polaroid, owned by Polaroid Corporation.


polaroid (plural polaroids)

  1. A sheet of plastic embedded with microscopic crystals of herapathite or similarly acting material, so that light passing through it is polarised.
    • 1970, Journal of Entomology: General Entomology, Volume 45, page 70,
      In the simplest form of this system, applicable to many microscopes, the substage polar consists only of semicircles of polaroid orientated to give respective planes of polarisation at right angles. Polaroids over the eyepieces are orientated so extinguish the inner halves of the exit pupils.
    • 1999, Ted Lister, Janet Renshaw, Understanding Chemistry for Advanced Level, page 234,
      If there is no sample in the cell, and the second polaroid is rotated until it is at right angles to the first, the observer will see no light.
    • 2010, A.K. Katiyar, Narinder Kumar, Engineering Physics - I, page 357,
      Polaroids are used as window screens to regulate the amount of light entering the room.
  2. (dated, in the plural) Spectacles made with lenses of polaroid, once used to view certain 3-D movies.
    • 1978, James L. Limbacher, Four Aspects of the Film, page 160,
      She went to see BWANA DEVIL and, after donning the polaroids, saw correctly.
    • 1979, The Bulletin, Volume 100, page 52,
      [] I discovered my old woggle in a cardboard box, together with my Herald Learn-To-Swim certificate (25 yards without touching the bottom), a copy of the Eltham High School magazine and a pair of polaroids I pinched from a 3-D screening of Bwana Devil in 1953.
  3. (in the plural) Polaroid sunglasses.
    • 1998, Gary Coxon, 13: Bass from the Lleyn Peninsula, Paul Morgan (editor), Saltwater Flyfishing: Britain and Northern Europe, page 86,
      One reel, loaded with a floating or intermediate line, a few braided leaders of varying sinking-rates, a few spare spools of leader-material in 6, 8 and 10lb breaking-strain, a box of assorted fly-patterns, a good pair of polaroids to stop the glare and to protect eyes, and a collapsible line-tray as the rocks are very sharp and soon ruin lines.
    • 2009, Elisabeth Sheffield, Fort Da: A Report, page 69,
      For while the boy continued to sport his pair of Polaroids, evidently the brilliant afternoon had broken into a drizzle: his damp cargo pants and t-shirt clung to his thin but well-muscled torso while his olive-skinned arms and face appeared as if sugar glazed.
    • 2011, Philip Weigall, Fishing Sense, page 203,
      I could carry a spare pair of polaroids; however, Steve usually carries an extra pair which should be sufficient back-up for both of us.
  4. A camera that develops its own film.
  5. A print from such a camera.
    • 1989 July, Michael Kaplan, New York Story, American Photographer, page 31,
      Simons slides a pair of Polaroids across the table. They depict a couple of color-lit high schoolers standing in what appears to be an empty warehouse.




polaroid (third-person singular simple present polaroids, present participle polaroiding, simple past and past participle polaroided)

  1. (transitive, intransitive, informal) To photograph with a polaroid camera.



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From the registered brand name "Polaroid"[1], trademark of an American company whose initial market was in polarized sunglasses.


  • IPA(key): [ˈpolɒroʲid]
  • Hyphenation: po‧la‧ro‧id


polaroid (plural polaroidok)

  1. (photography, attributive) polaroid (instant photographic process)
    A polaroid fényképezőgépek népszerűek a türelmetlen fotósok körében.Polaroid cameras are popular with impatient photographers.


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative polaroid polaroidok
accusative polaroidot polaroidokat
dative polaroidnak polaroidoknak
instrumental polaroiddal polaroidokkal
causal-final polaroidért polaroidokért
translative polaroiddá polaroidokká
terminative polaroidig polaroidokig
essive-formal polaroidként polaroidokként
inessive polaroidban polaroidokban
superessive polaroidon polaroidokon
adessive polaroidnál polaroidoknál
illative polaroidba polaroidokba
sublative polaroidra polaroidokra
allative polaroidhoz polaroidokhoz
elative polaroidból polaroidokból
delative polaroidról polaroidokról
ablative polaroidtól polaroidoktól
possessive - singular
polaroidé polaroidoké
possessive - plural
polaroidéi polaroidokéi
Possessive forms of polaroid
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. polaroidom polaroidjaim
2nd person sing. polaroidod polaroidjaid
3rd person sing. polaroidja polaroidjai
1st person plural polaroidunk polaroidjaink
2nd person plural polaroidotok polaroidjaitok
3rd person plural polaroidjuk polaroidjaik


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polaroid f (plural polaroides)

  1. polaroid