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From Latin praescriptivus (relating to a legal exception), from praescript- (directed in writing), from the verb praescribere.

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prescriptive (comparative more prescriptive, superlative most prescriptive)

  1. Of or pertaining to prescribing or enjoining, especially an action or behavior based on a norm or standard.
    Synonym: normative
    Antonyms: descriptive (especially of grammar and usage), proscriptive, nonprescriptive
    • 1988, Andrew Radford, Transformational Grammar, Cambridge: University Press, →ISBN, page 8:
      For one thing, spoken language tends to be less subjected to prescriptive
      pressures than written language, and hence is a less artificial medium of com-
      munication (written language is often a kind of 'censored' version of spoken
      language). [...]

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