(Classical) IPA(key): /proˈ, [prɔˈpɔs̠ɪt̪ʊ̃ˑ]


propositum n (genitive propositī); second declension

  1. model, example, sample
    Synonym: exemplum
  2. purpose, intention
    Synonyms: cōgitātiō, voluntās, intentiō, cōnsilium, animus, mēns, spōns
  3. design, plan
    Synonyms: consilium, cogitatio
  4. subject, topic, theme
  5. conduct of life, lifestyle, moral principles


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative propositum proposita
Genitive propositī propositōrum
Dative propositō propositīs
Accusative propositum proposita
Ablative propositō propositīs
Vocative propositum proposita



  1. inflection of prōpositus:
    1. nominative/accusative/vocative neuter singular
    2. accusative masculine singular


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    • (ambiguous) to be exposed to the assaults of fate: fortunae telis propositum esse
    • (ambiguous) I intend, propose to..: propositum est mihi c. Inf.
    • (ambiguous) to abide by one's resolution: propositum, consilium tenere (opp. a proposito deterreri)
    • (ambiguous) to carry out one's plan: propositum assequi, peragere
    • (ambiguous) to persevere in one's resolve: in proposito susceptoque consilio permanere
    • (ambiguous) to digress, deviate: digredi (a proposito) (De Or. 2. 77. 311)
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: id quod (mihi) propositum est
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: res proposita
    • (ambiguous) to digress from the point at issue: a proposito aberrare, declinare, deflectere, digredi, egredi
    • (ambiguous) to come back to the point: ad propositum reverti, redire
    • (ambiguous) the task I have put before myself is..: mihi propositum est c. Inf. (or mihi proposui, ut)