re- +‎ stripe


restripe ‎(third-person singular simple present restripes, present participle restriping, simple past and past participle restriped)

  1. To change the stripes.
  2. (automotive) To change the space markings in a parking lot.
    • When a business, State or local government agency, or other covered entity restripes a parking lot, it must provide accessible parking spaces as required by the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. ADA Design Guide 1 - Restriping Parking Lots
  3. To change the lane markings or other markings on a road, runway or other path.
  4. (computing, RAID) To change the manner in which data is laid out across multiple disks.
    • 2001, Richard Barker, Paul Massiglia, Storage area network essentials, page 213:
      In most cases, reduced application performance is preferable to the alternative of stopping applications entirely to move or restripe data.
  5. To redivide (land).
    • 1921, Gerald Francis Keatinge, Agricultural Progress in Western India[1], page 227:
      In Prussia eight General Commissions exist for settling land on an economic basis either by the subdivision of large estates, by restriping, or by the occupation and improvement of waste lands.
    • 1917, Harold Hart Mann; Dattatraya Lakshman Sahasrabuddhe, Narayan Vinayak Kanitkar, Vinayak Atmaram Tamhane, et al, Land and labour in a Deccan village[2], page 154:
      general arrangements being made for commassation or restriping of land as in many European countries and in Japan we can hardly tell.