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Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Latin resultō (to spring forward, to rebound), the frequentative form of the past participle of resiliō, from re- (back) and saliō (to jump, to leap).


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rezultāts m (1st declension)

  1. result (the outcome, the consequence, the effect of some action, event, situation)
    analīzes rezultātsthe analysis result
    novērojumu rezultātithe results of observations
    dot rezultātuto give, to produce a result
    labs, slikts rezultātsgood, bad result
    bez rezultātiemwithout results
    ar labiem rezultātiemwith good results
    uzlabot rezultātu sportāto improve the results in sports
  2. (in the locative, used adverbially) in sum, in summary, overall
    sižets rezultātā atspoguļo sabiedriskās attieksmes, pretrunas un konfliktusin sum (lit. in result), the plot reflected social relations, contradictions and conflicts



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