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From saar(t) (to plow, to till) +‎ -ums (with saart from sa- +‎ art (to plow)).


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saarums m (1st declension)

  1. ridge, crest formed by two strips of earth being brought together by two opposed goings of a plow on a field
    lauka ražību mazina izarumi un saarumi; saarumos augu rīcībā ir lielāks daudzums auglīgas augsnes, izarumos - tikai plāna tās kārtiņadepressions (furrows) and ridges reduce the productivity of a field; in the ridges, during the growing of the crops, there is a larger amount of fertile soil, in the depressions - only a thin layer of it
  2. (rare) the (finished) action of tilling, plowing (a field); the result of this action
    “labs saarums” saka par labi sastrādātu laukuone says “good tilling/tillage” about a well tilled, cultivated field.