Sekss (2)


Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Latin sexus (sex, gender).


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sekss m (1st declension)

  1. sex, gender (the two groups in which most living beings can be divided, according to their role in the reproductive process)
    sieviešu sekssthe female sex
  2. (usually singular) sex (sexual intercourse, sexual activity)
    seksa fiziskās izpausmesphysical manifestations of sex
    seksa horoskopssex horoscope
    cik bieži latviešu sievietēm ir sekss?how often do Latvian women have sex?
    sekss kļuvis par izpētes, ārstēšanas priekšmetusex has become an object of research and (medical) treatment

Usage notesEdit

The use of sekss to mean "biological group" apparently is (or is becoming) dated; dzimums is more often found in this sense.



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(sexual orientations) seksuālās orientācijas; aseksualitāte (-āls, -isms, -ists), biseksualitāte (-āls, -isms, -ists), heteroseksualitāte (-āls, -isms, -ists), homoseksualitāte (-āls, -isms, -ists) (Category: lv:Sexual orientations)