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  1. (transitive) to hit, to strike, to beat
  2. (transitive) to punish
  3. (transitive) to sentence
  4. (transitive) to play (a percussion instrument)


Tone L
Infinitive ukushaya
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular shaya shaye
Plural shayani shayeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyashaya, ngishaya ngishaya ngishaye
2nd singular uyashaya, ushaya ushaya ushaye
1st plural siyashaya, sishaya sishaya sishaye
2nd plural niyashaya, nishaya nishaya nishaye
Class 1 uyashaya, ushaya eshaya ashaye
Class 2 bayashaya, bashaya beshaya bashaye
Class 3 uyashaya, ushaya ushaya ushaye
Class 4 iyashaya, ishaya ishaya ishaye
Class 5 liyashaya, lishaya lishaya lishaye
Class 6 ayashaya, ashaya eshaya ashaye
Class 7 siyashaya, sishaya sishaya sishaye
Class 8 ziyashaya, zishaya zishaya zishaye
Class 9 iyashaya, ishaya ishaya ishaye
Class 10 ziyashaya, zishaya zishaya zishaye
Class 11 luyashaya, lushaya lushaya lushaye
Class 14 buyashaya, bushaya bushaya bushaye
Class 15 kuyashaya, kushaya kushaya kushaye
Class 17 kuyashaya, kushaya kushaya kushaye
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngishayile, ngishayē bengishaya
2nd singular ushayile, ushayē ubeshaya
1st plural sishayile, sishayē sibeshaya
2nd plural nishayile, nishayē nibeshaya
Class 1 ushayile, ushayē ubeshaya
Class 2 bashayile, bashayē bebeshaya
Class 3 ushayile, ushayē bewushaya
Class 4 ishayile, ishayē beyishaya
Class 5 lishayile, lishayē belishaya
Class 6 ashayile, ashayē abeshaya
Class 7 sishayile, sishayē besishaya
Class 8 zishayile, zishayē bezishaya
Class 9 ishayile, ishayē beyishaya
Class 10 zishayile, zishayē bezishaya
Class 11 lushayile, lushayē belushaya
Class 14 bushayile, bushayē bebushaya
Class 15 kushayile, kushayē bekushaya
Class 17 kushayile, kushayē bekushaya
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāshaya ngangishaya
2nd singular wāshaya wawushaya
1st plural sāshaya sasishaya
2nd plural nāshaya nanishaya
Class 1 wāshaya wayeshaya
Class 2 bāshaya babeshaya
Class 3 wāshaya wawushaya
Class 4 yāshaya yayishaya
Class 5 lāshaya lalishaya
Class 6 āshaya ayeshaya
Class 7 sāshaya sasishaya
Class 8 zāshaya zazishaya
Class 9 yāshaya yayishaya
Class 10 zāshaya zazishaya
Class 11 lwāshaya lwalushaya
Class 14 bāshaya babushaya
Class 15 kwāshaya kwakushaya
Class 17 kwāshaya kwakushaya
1st singular ngizoshaya
2nd singular uzoshaya
1st plural sizoshaya
2nd plural nizoshaya
Class 1 uzoshaya
Class 2 bazoshaya
Class 3 uzoshaya
Class 4 izoshaya
Class 5 lizoshaya
Class 6 azoshaya
Class 7 sizoshaya
Class 8 zizoshaya
Class 9 izoshaya
Class 10 zizoshaya
Class 11 luzoshaya
Class 14 buzoshaya
Class 15 kuzoshaya
Class 17 kuzoshaya

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