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Etymology 1Edit

From Proto-Albanian *krep-, from Proto-Indo-European *ker-p-, *krep- 'to crack, crash', an onomatopoeic root. Cognate to Latin crepo (to resound, ring, tone). A formation with the prefix sh-.


shkrep (first-person singular past tense shkrepa, participle shkrepur)

  1. to flash, tone, to strike (till sparks fly off), an idea comes to one’s mind
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

A singularized plural of shkarp, a sh- prefixed formation from karp, from Proto-Indo-European *kṛHp-[1].


shkrep m (indefinite plural shkrepa, definite singular shkrepi, definite plural shkrepat)

  1. rock
Related termsEdit


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