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snapper ‎(plural snappers)

  1. One who, or that which, snaps.
    a snapper-up of trifles
    the snapper of a whip
  2. Any of approximately 100 different species of fish.
    1. (Australia, New Zealand) The fish Chrysophrys auratus, especially an adult of the species.
    2. (US) Any of the family Lutjanidae of percoid fishes, especially the red snapper.
  3. (Ireland, slang) A (human) baby.
    1990, Roddy Doyle, The Snapper.
  4. (American football) The player who snaps the ball to start the play.
  5. (US) Small, paper-wrapped item containing a minute quantity of explosive composition coated on small bits of sand, which explodes noisily when thrown onto a hard surface.
  6. (slang) One who takes snaps; a photographer.
  7. (US, informal) The snapping turtle.
  8. The green woodpecker, or yaffle.
  9. A snap beetle.
  10. (historical) A telegraphic device with a flexible metal tongue for producing clicks like those of the sounder.
  11. (US, colloquial) A string bean.


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