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Scottish GaelicEdit

Etymology 1Edit

From Old Irish srían (bridle; check, control; act of checking, restraining), from Latin frēnum (bridle, harness, curb, bit; means of guiding or governing; restraint, check, limit).


srian f (genitive singular srèine, plural srèinean or srianan or sriantan)

  1. stripe, streak
  2. bridle, curb, rein
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Irish sríanad (act of reining in, checking) or sríanaigid (controls, restrains), from srían (bridle; check, control).


srian (past srian, future srianaidh, verbal noun srianadh, past participle srianta)

  1. bridle, curb, restrain, control