Scottish GaelicEdit

Etymology 1Edit

From Old Irish srían(bridle; check, control; act of checking, restraining), from Latin frēnum(bridle, harness, curb, bit; means of guiding or governing; restraint, check, limit).


srian f (genitive singular srèine, plural srèinean or srianan or sriantan)

  1. stripe, streak
  2. bridle, curb , rein
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Irish sríanad(act of reining in, checking) or sríanaigid(controls, restrains), from srían(bridle; check, control).


srian (past srian, future srianaidh, verbal noun srianadh, past participle srianta)

  1. bridle, curb, restrain, control