See also: sťato and ŝtato

Esperanto Edit

Etymology Edit

Borrowed from Latin status, English state, etc.

Pronunciation Edit

  • (file)
  • IPA(key): [ˈstato]
  • Rhymes: -ato
  • Hyphenation: sta‧to

Noun Edit

stato (accusative singular staton, plural statoj, accusative plural statojn)

  1. condition, state (of being)

Derived terms Edit

Ido Edit

Pronunciation Edit

Noun Edit

stato (plural stati)

  1. state (governmental and political apparatus of a country)

Interlingua Edit

Noun Edit

stato (plural statos)

  1. state

Italian Edit

Pronunciation Edit

Etymology 1 Edit

Inherited from Latin statūs (noun).

Noun Edit

stato m (plural stati)

  1. (sciences) state (physical property of matter as solid, liquid, gas or plasma)
  2. (polity) state sovereign polity; a government
  3. (polity) state (political division of a federation)
  4. state (a condition; a set of circumstances applying at any given time)
  5. state (condition of prosperity or grandeur; wealthy or prosperous circumstances; social importance)
  6. rank, status
Related terms Edit

Etymology 2 Edit

Inherited from Latin status (past participle).

Participle Edit

stato (feminine stata, masculine plural stati, feminine plural state)

  1. past participle of essere
  2. past participle of stare

Anagrams Edit

Latin Edit

Verb Edit


  1. second/third-person singular future active imperative of stō