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strike +‎ through



strikethrough (countable and uncountable, plural strikethroughs)

  1. (typography) An overlaid horizontal line striking out other characters.
    In HTML, wrapping text with the code <del> and </del> produces a strikethrough.
  2. (typography) A horizontal or oblique line striking out individual characters.
    Synonym: stroke (horizontal)
    Synonyms: solidus, slash, bar (oblique)



strikethrough (third-person singular simple present strikesthrough, present participle strikingthrough, simple past and past participle struckthrough)

  1. (nonstandard) Alternative form of strike through
    • 2001, Rachel Webster, XHTML Simplified, A.D.R. (London) Limited, →ISBN, page 113,
      The next requirement is to strikethrough, Yoga is just massage.
      Inline style element <strike> carries out this task easily. It strikes through text.
    • 2003, Doug Sahlin, How to Do Everything with Adobe Acrobat 6.0, McGraw-Hill Professional, →ISBN, page 37,
      Cross-Out Text   This tool is used to strikethrough selected text. You can change the color of the strikethrough and you can create a pop-up note with the Strikethrough Text tool as well.
    • 2006, Editors of BottleTree Books LLC, Myspace Maxed Out: Explode Your Popularity, Buzz Your Band and Secure Your Privacy on Myspace, BottleTree Books LLC, →ISBN, page 59,
      To strikethrough text do this: <s>Strikethrough Text Goes Here</s>

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