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From Old French suserenete.


suzerainty ‎(countable and uncountable, plural suzerainties)

  1. A relation between states in which a subservient nation has its own government, but is unable to take international action independent of the superior state.
    • 2005, John W. Velz, “Adoxography as Mode of Discourse for Satan and His Underlings in Medieval Plays”, in Clifford Davidson, editor, The Dramatic Tradition of the Middle Ages [AMS Studies in the Middle Ages; 26], New York, N.Y.: AMS Press, ISBN 978-0-404-64166-5, page 102:
      In the N-Town Passion Play I, Lucifer is an implied presenter of the play and an implied controller of its events. He addresses the audience directly and confidentially in an extraordinary 124-line adoxograph which is part social satire and part seriocomic plea for our commitment to his suzerainty []

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