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Bērzu tāss

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From verb tāst, an archaic and dialectal variant of test, tēst (to cut, to hew, to trim); the form follows the pattern of lest, lēst, lāse (compare dialectal forms tāsis, tāse; compare also other dialectal variants above). A comparable synonym term exists in Balto-Finnic languages (e.g., Finnish tuohi) which suggests borrowing between Baltic and Balto-Finnic, but the direction of the borrowing is not clear. Cognates include Lithuanian tóšis.[1]


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tāss f (6th declension)

  1. birchbark (white bark of the birch tree, formerly used as writing material)
    bērzu tāssbirch bark
    tāšu iekuribirch (bark) kindling
    tāšu darvabirch (bark) tar
    tāšu taurebirch (bark) horn


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