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think the world of



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think the world of

  1. (transitive, idiomatic) To have a very high opinion of; to have a strong attachment to or affection for.
    • 1888, Louisa May Alcott, "May Flowers" in A Garland for Girls:
      "I was so pleased I wanted to cry, for the children do love me, and run to me for everything now, and think the world of Sister."
    • 1907, Annie Fellows Johnston, chapter 10, in The Little Colonel's House Party:
      "Those little souvenir spoons she sent up with the chocolate yesterday are perfect darlings. I think the world of mine."
    • 1984 April 9, "Medicine: Question: Who Will Play God?," Time:
      "I used to think the world of you, but I hate you for what you said," declared Lilian Bono, 76.