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third-party (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to a third party.
    1. (computing, hardware, software) Of products, created or published by an independent publisher or manufacturer or its internal development teams, as opposed to first-party and second-party.
      Coordinate terms: third source, third-source
      a third-party video game; a third-party character; third-party hardware

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third-party (third-person singular simple present third-parties, present participle third-partying, simple past and past participle third-partied)

  1. (video games) To intervene in a fight between two players or teams, often allowing one to easily defeat both (sometimes seen as unfair).
    • 2022 February 12, Aakrit Sharma, “8 things Fortnite pros do during a 3rd party situation (& you should too)”, in Sportskeeda[1]:
      A very common mistake that Fortnite players make is being too exposed during their fights. The first step is to acknowledge that they can get third-partied.
    • 2022 April 27, Alex Garton, “Aceu claims Seer is actually "meta" in Apex Legends for third-partying”, in Dexerto[2]:
      While the majority of players have given up with Seer, there are a select few who believe he still has a place in the meta. One of them is aceu, who recently explained on stream why Seer is still a strong pick due to his ability to "third-party" opponents.
    • 2022 June 21, Josh Brown, Joseph Yaden, “Call of Duty: Warzone tips and tricks to win the war”, in Digital Trends[3]:
      Not only that, but you can also gauge the whereabouts of their target, making it easier to third-party them.

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