• IPA(key): /ˈfɔʁdəʁɐ/, [ˈfɔʁdəʁɐ], [ˈfɔɐ̯dəʁɐ]
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vorderer (comparative vordererer [ nonstandard; rare ], superlative der vorderste)

  1. (attributive only) front, fore
    Wir wohnen in dem vorderen Haus.
    We live in the front house.

Usage notesEdit

  • Since the adjective is already semantically comparative in its positive form, the grammatical comparative forms are very rare and heard in the vernacular only. They might be used to mean “even nearer to the front”. For example: Wir wohnen in dem vorderen Haus.In diesem?Nein, in dem noch vordereren. (“We live in the front house.” – “This one?” − “No, the one before that.”)
  • The superlative forms are perfectly normal, being the same as English foremost, frontmost.


Related termsEdit