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what do you want, a cookie



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what do you want, a cookie?

  1. (rhetorical question, sarcastic) A phrase sometimes given as a retort to someone who has done something unsurprising or unimpressive and has seen fit to inform one of having done so.
    • 1994, R. Jeffrey Ringer, Queer Words, Queer Images: Communication and Construction of Homosexuality →ISBN, p.230
      "I was straight to the point - "Laurie, I'm gay." "Bernard, I've known that for a long time. So, what do you want, a cookie? Now deal the cards!"
    • 2001, Mary Rogers, Drop Your Webbings! (from Class Acts: High School Plays by High School Writers →ISBN by Randy Lee Hartwig), p.30
      DOLL. Buzzet attacked me last night. I have scars! Look at my arm! And my hair is flat too!
      SPIDER. What do you want a cookie?
    • 2004, James H. Taylor, Curiosity Killed the Chelsea Boy →ISBN, p.153
      "I wait for ju, five minute," He says. "Well what do you want, a cookie" I tell him and he looks at me like he does not understand."
    • 2006, Antonio Garza, The House with the Magic Cellar: Realm: I →ISBN, p.103
      "The way I see it, I'm already doing all the work, and I'm doing the spells and incantations," stated Bowolf. "So what do you want, a cookie?" laughed Prolok.

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