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First attested in 1890. Borrowed from German Wurst (sausage, wurst), from Middle High German wurst, from Old High German wurst, from Proto-West Germanic *wursti (something turned or twisted), from Proto-Indo-European *wert-, *werd- (to turn). Akin to Old Saxon worst (wurst), Old English weorþan (to turn, become). Doublet of wors. Unrelated to worsted (type of yarn). More at worth (to be, become, betide).

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wurst (plural wursts)

  1. A German- or Austrian-style sausage.
    • 2011, Dardis McNamee, Frommer's Austria:
      In summer, you're welcomed into a flower-decked garden set against a backdrop of ancient vineyards. You can fill up your platter with some of the best wursts and roast meats (especially the delectable pork), along with freshly made salads.

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  1. (colloquial) anyway, anyhow
    Synonyms: egal, schnuppe
    Das ist mir wurst.I don't care about it.

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