See also: ˆ [U+02C6 MODIFIER LETTER CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT], ◌̂ [U+0302 COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT], ^@, and Appendix:Variations of "^"

^ U+005E, ^
Basic Latin _
U+FF3E, ^

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms _

Translingual edit

Symbol edit

^ (English symbol name caret)

  1. Used by writers and proof readers to indicate that something is missing.
  2. Separates the base and exponent in a power expression.
    n^2 = n² = n × n
    2^n = 2ⁿ
  3. (programming) Bitwise exclusive disjunction.
  4. (computing, as part of a keyboard shortcut) Control key.
    Press ^F to find text in your document.
  5. (computing) Indicates an ASCII control character in caret notation.
    ^W = end of control block
  6. (regular expressions) Matches the start position within the string. Compare $, which matches the end position within the string.
  7. (regular expressions) Used with square brackets: [ ]. Matches a single character other than the characters and ranges specified between the square brackets.
    [^abc] matches any character other than "a", "b", or "c".
    [^a-z] matches any single character that is not a lowercase letter from "a" to "z"
  8. (Internet slang) Used to point to a message (or other content) situated above in a forum, chat, etc.
    • 2023 June 14, Mehera Bonner, “Riley Keough’s Net Worth Seems Kind of Complicated Due to the Elvis Estate”, in Cosmopolitan[1] (in English):
      Love Daisy Jones & the Six? Spending your free time deep-diving Fleetwood Mac drama? Suddenly need to know literally everything about Riley Keough, including how much she was paid for this show, not to mention her total net worth? Cool, same to literally ^ all ^ of ^ that.

Usage notes edit

U+FF3E is a fullwidth character for use in East Asian typography.

Further reading edit

English edit

Etymology edit

The symbol resembles an arrowhead pointing upward.

Preposition edit


  1. (text messaging) up (in any sense)
    its ^ in d attic luv — It's up in the attic love.
  2. (text messaging) Replacing the letter sequence 'up' within a word.

Chiwere edit

Alternative forms edit

Pronunciation edit

  1. IPA(key): /ʔ/

Letter edit


  1. A letter of the Chiwere alphabet, written in the Latin script.

Usage notes edit

This letter is used for as an alternative to ⟨ˀ⟩ for typographic convenience.