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γῑ́νομαι (gī́nomai)

  1. Ionic and Koine form of γίγνομαι (gígnomai)


See γίγνομαι (gígnomai) for other tenses.




From Ancient Greek γίνομαι (gínomai)


  • IPA(key): [ˈʝinome]
  • Hyphenation: γί‧νο‧μαι


γίνομαι (gínomai) deponent (simple past έγινα)

  1. (most senses) become
    1. become, turn into
      Η κοπέλα ντράπηκε και έγινε κόκκινη.I kopéla drápike kai égine kókkini.The young girl was embarrassed and turned red.
      Πότε έγινε ξενοδοχείο αυτό το σπίτι;Póte égine xenodocheío aftó to spíti?When did this house become a hotel?
    2. become, be created, come into being, come into existence
      Η Ελλάδα έγινε ανεξάρτητη το 1832.I Elláda égine anexártiti to 1832.Greece became independent in 1832.
      Πότε ακριβώς έγινε ο κόσμος;Póte akrivós égine o kósmos?When exactly was the world created?
  2. (most senses) happen
    1. (only in third person singular form) happen, occur, take place, go on
      Είδες τι γινόταν εκεί;Eídes ti ginótan ekeí?Did you see what was happening there?
      Τι έγινε, γιατί γυρίσατε περπατώντας;Ti égine, giatí gyrísate perpatóntas?What happened, why did you come back walking?
    2. (only in third person singular form) become of, happen with, get to
      Τι έγινε με τον αδερφό σου, ζει ακόμα στην Αγγλία;Ti égine me ton aderfó sou, zei akóma stin Anglía?What became of your brother, is he still living in England?
      Τι γίνεται με την παραγγελία μου, γιατί καθυστερεί τόσο;Ti gínetai me tin parangelía mou, giatí kathystereí tóso?What's going on with my order, why is it so late?
      Τι έγινες; Σε ψάχνουμε παντού!Ti égines? Se psáchnoume pantoú!Where did you get to? We're looking everywhere for you!
  3. Plant and fruit senses.
    1. (of plants and fruit) grow
      Τα λεμόνια δεν γίνονται στη βόρεια Ευρώπη.Ta lemónia den gínontai sti vóreia Evrópi.Lemons don't grow in northern Europe.
    2. (of plants and fruit or food in general) ripen, be fully ripe, be ready
      Έγιναν ακόμα αυτά τα λεμόνια;Éginan akóma aftá ta lemónia?Are those lemons ready (ripe) yet?
      Κύριε, ελάτε, έγινε το φαγητό σας.Kýrie, eláte, égine to fagitó sas.Come here, sir, your food is ready.
  4. (only in third person singular form, with να) be (possible), can, may
    Γίνεται να έχει κανείς καλή δουλειά χωρίς απολυτήριο;Gínetai na échei kaneís kalí douleiá chorís apolytírio?Is it possible for one to have a good job without a certificate?
    Σίγουρα δεν γίνεται να είναι αυτός, έφυγε χθες!Sígoura den gínetai na eínai aftós, éfyge chthes!Surely it can't be him, he left yesterday!



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