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The interjection sense comes from the verb form, literally "set out!" or "define!".


  • IPA(key): /oˈɾiste/
  • Hyphenation: ο‧ρί‧στε


ορίστε (oríste)

  1. (sometimes sarcastic) here's, there's, here you are, here you go, there you are, there you go (said when you hand something over to someone)
    Που είναι το παλτό μου; Ορίστε!Pou eínai to paltó mou? Oríste!Where's my coat? Here you are!
    Ορίστε το αμάξι σας, σαν καινούργιο!Oríste to amáxi sas, san kainoúrgio!Here's your car, it's like new!
    Ορίστε πώς κατάντησε αυτός.Oríste pós katántise aftós.There's how he ended up.
  2. yes? (said when someone is addressing you, to whom you owe respect)
    Κύριε Γιάννη; Ορίστε!Kýrie Giánni? Oríste!Mr Yianni? Yes?
  3. yes?, go ahead (said when asking someone to do something or say something)
    Ορίστε, σας ακούω.Oríste, sas akoúo.Go ahead, I can hear you.
    Ορίστε, τι θέλετε;Oríste, ti thélete?Yes, what do you want?
  4. hello?, hi (said on answering the telephone)
    Ορίστε, ποιος είναι;Oríste, poios eínai?Hello, who is it?
  5. pardon?, excuse me?, sorry? (said on requesting someone to repeat due to not having heard them)
    Ορίστε, τι είπατε;Oríste, ti eípate?Sorry, what was that?
  6. pardon?, excuse me?, sorry? (said on hearing something shocking or confusing)
    Ορίστε; Συμβαίνουν όντως τέτοια πράγματα;Oríste? Symvaínoun óntos tétoia prágmata?Excuse me!? Do such things really happen!?



ορίστε (oríste)

  1. 2nd person plural perfective imperative form of ορίζω (orízo).