go ahead

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go ahead (third-person singular simple present goes ahead, present participle going ahead, simple past went ahead, past participle gone ahead)

  1. To proceed; to begin.
    I went ahead with my plan.
  2. (imperative) Used to grant permission for or to give endorsement of a suggestion or proposal.
    Synonyms: go for it, be my guest, feel free
    Go ahead and eat without me. I expect to be very late.
    • 1894, Mark Twain, chapter 12, in Tom Sawyer Abroad:
      “Tom Sawyer, I want to ask you some questions.” “Go ahead,” he says, and I see Jim chirk up to listen.
  3. (procedure word, military) To send communication over the radio.
    Bravo Six Actual, this is Bravo Six Four. Go ahead, over.


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