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Ancient GreekEdit

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From σῆμᾰ (sêma, mark, sign) +‎ -ῐον (-ion).




σημεῖον (sēmeîonn (genitive σημείου); second declension

  1. a mark, sign, token; an indication
  2. tomb
  3. sign from the gods, omen
    1. wonder, portent
  4. sign or signal to do a thing, made by flags
  5. standard or flag
    1. body of troops under one standard or flag
  6. (heraldry) device upon a shield or ship; figurehead
  7. signet on ring; figure, image
  8. watchword, warcry
  9. birthmark or distinguishing feature
  10. (logic) a proof
  11. (logic) a sign used as a probable argument in proof of a conclusion
  12. (geometry) a point
  13. (medicine) symptom
  14. (medicine) a kind of skin eruption
  15. (in the plural) shorthand symbols
  16. critical mark
  17. (mathematics) mathematical point
  18. point of time, instant
  19. (prosody, music) unit of time



  • (a sign used as a probable argument in proof of a conclusion): τεκμήριον (tekmḗrion)

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