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The equipment used for the game of deck-quoits. The quoits are the rings of rope.
An 1817 fashion plate depicting three women and a man playing an inverse ring toss, in which they are tossing a quoit


From Middle English coyte (flat stone), from Old French coite, from Latin culcita. Doublet of quilt.



quoit (plural quoits)

  1. A flat disc of metal or stone thrown at a target in the game of quoits.
  2. A ring of rubber or rope similarly used in the game of deck-quoits.
  3. The flat stone covering a cromlech.
  4. The discus used in ancient sports.



quoit (third-person singular simple present quoits, present participle quoiting, simple past and past participle quoited)

  1. (intransitive) To play at quoits.
    • Dryden
      to quoit, to run, and steeds and chariots drive
  2. (transitive) To throw as with a quoit.
    • William Cowper's translation of Homer's Iliad
      Each took
      His station, and Epeüs seized the clod.
      He swung, he cast it, and the Greecians laugh'd.
      Leonteus, branch of Mars, quoited it next.