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излизам (izlízamimpf (perfective изля́за)

  1. to exit, to go out, to come out, to be out, to step out, to walk out
  2. to reach in a certain direction, or to a certain place, to lead
  3. to leave
  4. to drop out
  5. to appear, to come out, to emerge
  6. to be published, to be issued
  7. to state one's opinion or views
    излизам в подкрепа на... - to come out/speak/write in defence of...
  8. to descend (from), to come (from)
  9. to cost, to amount (to)
  10. to end up, to result, to make
    От него ще излезе добър лекар. - He will make a good doctor.
  11. to prove (to be), to turn out (to be)
  12. to be due
  13. to ooze out