See also: имя, имѧ, імя, and ім'я

Andi Edit

Etymology Edit

Akin to Avar эмен (emen).

Noun Edit

има (ima)

  1. father

Bulgarian Edit

Pronunciation Edit

Verb Edit

и́ма (íma)

  1. third-person singular present indicative of и́мам (ímam)
  2. there is, there are

Verb Edit

и́ма or има́ (íma or imá)

  1. second-person singular aorist indicative of и́мам (ímam)
  2. third-person singular aorist indicative of и́мам (ímam)

Macedonian Edit

Etymology Edit

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *jьmati (to take, have).

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈima]
  • (file)

Verb Edit

има (imaimpf

  1. (transitive) to have
  2. (transitive) to be present, be available (corresponds to English "there is" and "there are")
    Има многу млеко во ладилникот.
    There is much milk in the refrigerator.
    Има многу дрва во дворот.
    There are many trees in the yard.

Conjugation Edit