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Ottoman TurkishEdit


The vocalization ürüz suggests borrowing from Arabic أُرُزّ(ʾuruzz), as also رز(rüz, rice) has its Arabic correspondence رُزّ(ruzz), and this word is not found elsewhere in Turkic, the vocalization erz is deemed unexplained but is probably the more common Arabic vocalization أَرُزّ(ʾaruzz) which should yield in Turkish *erüz but was elided through the form *eriz like Ottoman patterns usually variate between CVCC and CVCiC, the latter being colloquial and the former literary upcorrection.


ارز (ürüz, erz)

  1. (uncommon) rice
    Synonyms: پلاو(pilav), برنج(birinç), طوغی(düğü, düği) (dialectal), رز(rüz) (uncommon), توترغن(tuturğan) (Old Ottoman, rare)


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ارز (arz)

  1. present stem form of ارزیدن(arzidan)