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अनंत ‎(anaṃta)


अनन्त ‎(ananta)

  1. endless, boundless, eternal, infinite.


अनन्त ‎(anantam

  1. name of विष्णु.
  2. name of शेष (the snake-god).
  3. name of शेष's brother वासुकि.
  4. name of Krishna.
  5. name of his brother बलदेव.
  6. name of शिव.
  7. name of रुद्र.
  8. name of one of the विश्व-देवs.
  9. name of the 14th अर्हत्, etc.
  10. the plant सिन्दुवार, Vitex trifolia
  11. the 23rd lunar asterism, श्रवण.
  12. a silken cord (tied round the right arm at a particular festival)
  13. the letter .
  14. a periodic decimal fraction?
  15. the number one
  16. name of पार्वती and of various females, the plant शारिवा Hemidesmus indicus or Asclepias pseudosarsa or Asclepias asthmatica (possibly Tylophora asthmatica) (the root of which supplies a valuable medicine)


अनन्त ‎(anantan

  1. the sky, atmosphere.



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