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From Proto-Indo-European *péth₂eti (to fall; fly). Cognates include Ancient Greek πέτομαι (pétomai, I fly), Latin petō (I ask, I aim for), Avestan Avestan 𐬞𐬀𐬙𐬀𐬌𐬙𐬌 (pataiti) and Old Armenian թիռ (tʿiṙ, flight, desire).


पतति (patati) (root पत्, class 1, type parasmaipada)

  1. to fly, soar, rush on
  2. to fall down or off, alight, descend (with accusative or locative), fall or sink
  3. (figuratively) to fall (in a moral sense), lose caste or rank or position
  4. to light or fall upon, fall to a person's share (+ locative)
  5. to fall or get into or among (loc.)
  6. to occur, come to pass, happen
  7. (causative) to fly or move rapidly along
  8. (causative, transitive) to speed
  9. (causative) to drive away or throw down
  10. (causative) to let fly or cause to fall, to fling, hurl, throw
  11. to lay low, bring down (literally and figuratively), overthrow, ruin, destroy, to throw upon or in, lay on (+ locative)
  12. to throw oneself
  13. to cut off (a head)
  14. to knock out (teeth)
  15. to pour out or shed (water, tears)
  16. to kindle (fire)
  17. to cast (dice)
  18. to turn, direct, fix (eyes)
  19. to impose or inflict (punishment)
  20. to set in motion, set on foot
  21. to seduce to, betray into (+ locative)
  22. to divide in two
  23. to subtract
  24. to rush on, hasten
  25. (desiderative) to be about to fly or fall