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प्री (√prī)

  1. class 9 P. Ā. (Dhātup. xxxi, 2) प्रीणाति, प्रीणीते
  2. class 4 Ā. (xxvi, 35) प्रीयते (rather Pass. ; ep. and mc. also °ति and प्रियते, °ति ; pf. पिप्रिये, p. °याण Subj. पिप्रयत् ; Impv. पिप्रयस्व or °प्रीहि RV. ; aor. अप्रैषीत् Br. Subj. प्रेषत् RV. ; अप्रेष्ट Gr. ; fut. प्रेष्यति, °ते, प्रेता ib.) P. to please, gladden, delight, gratify, cheer, comfort, soothe, propitiate.
  3. (mostly Ā. प्रीयते) to be pleased or satisfied with, delight in, enjoy (gen. instr. loc. or abl.) ib.
  4. (Ā. ; ep. and mc. also P. and प्रि°) to like, love, be kind to (acc.) MBh. R. : Caus. प्रीणयति ( प्रापयति Siddh., प्राययति Vop.), to please, delight, gratify, propitiate.
  5. to refresh, comfort Car. : Desid. पिप्रीषति, to wish, to please or propitiate.


प्री (prī)

  1. kind
  2. delighted

Derived termsEdit


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