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Thai Edit

Pronunciation Edit

tʰ ụ ŋ
Royal Institutethueng
(standard) IPA(key)/tʰɯŋ˩˩˦/(R)

Etymology 1 Edit

From Proto-Tai *C̬.tɤŋᴬ (to arrive). Cognate with Northern Thai ᨳᩮᩥ᩠ᨦ, Lao ເຖິງ (thœng), Shan ထိုင် (thǔeng), Ahom 𑜌𑜢𑜤𑜂𑜫 (thüṅ), Zhuang daengz. Within Kra-Dai, compare Sui dangl and Lingao [ɗɔŋ¹]. Compare also Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *dateŋ (whence Malay datang, Tagalog dating).

Alternative forms Edit

Alternative forms

Verb Edit

ถึง (tʉ̌ng) (abstract noun การถึง)

  1. to arrive; to reach; to attain.
  2. to have or contain something enough.
  3. to meet (a criterion, requirement, etc).

Preposition Edit

ถึง (tʉ̌ng)

  1. to; into.
  2. to the extent of; to the degree of; to the point of; as far as; as much as; up to.
  3. until.

Conjunction Edit

ถึง (tʉ̌ng)

  1. even though; even if.
  2. (colloquial) thus; then.
Derived terms Edit

Derived terms

Etymology 2 Edit

From Teochew (teng3, hot; to heat up).

Noun Edit

ถึง (tʉ̌ng)

  1. steam cooker.
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