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Etymology edit

From Proto-Tai *ɗekᴰ (child (young person)). Cognate with Northern Thai ᨯᩮᩢ᩠ᨠ, Lao ເດັກ (dek), Saek แด๊ก.

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Particularly: “Compare Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *bataq.”

Pronunciation edit

e ɗ ˘ k
Royal Institutedek
(standard) IPA(key)/dek̚˨˩/(R)

Noun edit

เด็ก (dèk)

  1. child: person below the age of adulthood.
  2. young person.
  3. childish person.
  4. baby; infant.
  5. (slang) subordinate; servant; attendant.
  6. (slang) person maintained by or gaining livelihood from another as the latter's sexual partner or illicit lover.

Adjective edit

เด็ก (dèk) (abstract noun ความเด็ก)

  1. young.
  2. childish.
  3. (slang) inexperienced; untrained; unskillful.

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